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The Pixie Challenge

Remember building a Pixie 40M CW transceiver recently?

Well I think its time for another challenge.

If you missed out on the kit building its not too late for you to order yourself a kit, build and test it for the NEW challenge which lies ahead.

The next exciting part of the Pixie story is as follows

One evening before 1st December ( A mutual time will be set so all can get
involved ) I propose we all power up our Pixies just to make sure they still work and have some time checking if they can be heard locally.

The Pixie Challenge.

1. The event will run from 1st December 2018 to 28th February 2019.

2. The goal is to make the farthest contact from your home QTH
( NO cheating with skeds).

3. NO additional amplifiers are to be used.

4. If your Pixie breaks down during the challenge you can repair it as many times as is necessary (NO cheating with a new build).

5. A prize will be given for the winner.

Have fun

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