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The club is able to offer Foundation, Intermediate, and Full courses to ALL members.

Enquires can be made to the exam secretary Rob Evans MW0CVT

All courses are FREE to club members, the current membership fee is 20 per year.


The Intermediate syllabus covers much the same topics as the Foundation syllabus, a pass at Foundation level being a prerequisite to taking the Intermediate exam.At this level you will expand your knowledge of radio theory, operating techniques and learn about a few concepts covering components and construction. Also the basic laws of electricity are dealt with and calculations relating to these and wavelength and frequency. Unlike the Foundation Licence, the Intermediate Licence allows you to build your own transmitters from scratch. Consequently you need to be able to demonstrate some basic construction skills. For this reason the course includes a number of practical tasks.

These are:-
1. Construct a simple DC circuit.
2. Measure potential difference and current in a simple DC circuit.
3. Demonstrate that a diode will only conduct in one direction.
4. Demonstrate that a transistor can be used as a switch.
5. Fit an RF connector to a length of coax.
6. Fit a 3 pin mains plug to a length of 3 core mains cable.
7. Measure the resistance of a number of resistors and check using the colour code.
8. Calibrate a variable frequency oscillator.
9. Construct a radio related project.
10. Demonstrate the ability to make good soldered joints.

This assessment of skills must be completed before applying to sit the exam. The written exam itself consists of 45 questions as follows:-

9 questions on the nature of Amateur Radio and Licensing conditions.
8 questions on Technical Basics.
7 questions on Transmitters and Receivers.
3 questions on Feeders and Antennas.
3 questions on Propagation.
5 questions on E M C.
4 questions on Operating Practices and Procedures.
4 questions on Safety.
2 questions on Construction.

The exam lasts for 1hr 15mins.A successful candidate can then apply for a license that will permit operation on all bands with a power of 50 watts max plus the freedom to design, build and experiment.I look forward in meeting you at the club and I hope you will carry on with your studies to gain the license you require.

It is advised to purchase the Intermediate Licence manual from the RSGB,
click here for details


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