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The club is able to offer Foundation, Intermediate, and Full courses to ALL members.

Enquires can be made to the exam secretary Mr Wynn Wright (GW8UAM)
or Mr Bob Jones GW4FCV

All courses are FREE to club members, the current membership fee is £14 per year.

All individuals wishing to enter in to the hobby of Amateur Radio will now “under the new licensing conditions” have to complete the Foundation course before moving on to the Intermediate then Full licence. The Foundation course has been running at the club since 10-5-2002. The course is a total of 12 hours (2hr per week). Some practical use of radio is included. The course is not of a very technical nature but is designed to get people interested in the ever changing hobby of Amateur Radio.

It is advised to purchase the Foundation Licence manual from the RSGB,
click here for details


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